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GMAK plumbing and heating is able to assist you in being ready for all City Agency Compliance Inspections.  With our thorough approach, we will ensure that all measures are in place to pass all necessary inspections and tests.

DEC Air Facility Registration

This registration is required every 3 years. The equipment is checked and tested for proper air resources. Each boiler room will be thoroughly gone through to ensure all requirements are met. We will run the burner and test it to be sure it fits into the necessary parameters on gas/oil where applicable. A pre-test is performed first, then the actual inspection will be scheduled with the DEC. We will see this process through from start to finish, which will be acquisition of the Certificate To Operate.

DEC Fuel Oil Storage Tank Tightness Test

Every year it is required that any buried tank have a tightness test performed, additionally, if your tank is over 600 gallons capacity, tests are required. We will test the tank and provide all the necessary paperwork required by the DEC.

DOB Local Law 152

This is the new law put into place which requires residential homes, commercial, and industrial properties to check all gas piping, for leaks and defects. Plus, we are required to ensure no illegal hook ups have been performed.

DEC Monthly Tank Inspection

We will perform the necessary inspection of the oil tank as well as all the necessary piping, whistle, and vent.

DEC Petroleum Bulk Storage Application

DOB Local Law 87

This is a retro commissioning law. It was put in place for efficiency purposes. We follow whatever guidelines provided by the engineer, which include efficiency testing which needs to fit into certain guidelines for proper emissions.

DOB Low pressure boiler inspection

We will inspect the entire vessel, while ensuring no leaks or any other issues with steel. Additionally, we will thoroughly check all the necessary safeties and bring the boiler up to NYC DOB code.

DEP Annual Fuel Burning Equipment Tune-up

We will thoroughly check the equipment and boiler safeties, as well as perform a combustion analysis. We will ensure the boiler/burner meets all the combustion requirements on gas and oil for the DEP.

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